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How do I get a new Social Security Card?

At the 341 Meeting of Creditors which follows the filing of your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy by about 30 days, You will be required to show photo identification such as a driver's licence and proof of your Social Security number. If you have lost your Social Security card, you should start the process of replacing it as soon as possible so that you have it before your 341 meeting. It generally takes about 10 days to get your new card once you've submitted your complete application, but you should expect that it will take significantly longer than that..

Replacing your Social Security card is free and fairly easy. First, you'll need to gather the appropriate identification such as your driver's licence, passport, birth certificate, etc. A full list of acceptable documents can be found here.  Second, you will fill out an application. Finally, you'll take these documents to the nearest Social Security office, which you can locate here. For more information about obtaining a replacement Social Security card, see the following guide at The Official Website of the U.S. Social Security Administration.

Taxes and Bankruptcy

It’s a common misconception that tax debts survive every bankruptcy. While there are very specific rules regarding taxes and bankruptcy which Colorado Consumer Bankruptcy Association Ted Taggart summarizes below, some tax debt can be discharged. Were the taxes in question due over three years ago? Yes? Continue Were the taxes assessed at least 240 daysContinue Reading

Avoiding Mortgage Relief and Loan Modification Scams

Colorado Consumer Bankruptcy Association member Keith Gantenbein has posted a useful article about the risks involved in hiring unscrupulous foreclosure rescue or loan modification companies. He writes: We’ve always had and continue to get calls from homeowners who are stunned they found a foreclosure notice posted somewhere on their home. Often, the notice was postedContinue Reading

Where Will my 341 Meeting be Held?

Between 21 and 40 days after the filing of your chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy, a 341 Meeting of Creditors will be held. Read more about the 341 Meeting here. The location of this meeting is determined by the county in which you live at the time your bankruptcy is filed. While the followingContinue Reading

Bankruptcy Filing Fees Increasing June 1, 2014

Effective June 1, 2014, the court filing fees for bankruptcy will increase to the following: Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – $335.00 Chapter 9, 11, or 15 Bankruptcy- $1717.00 Chapter 12 Bankruptcy- $275 Chapter13 Bankruptcy- $310 Additionally, the fees to file certain motions and complaints will increase as well. If you’ve been contemplating filing bankruptcy, you canContinue Reading

Kevin Heupel, Heupel Law, P.C. Subjects of United States Trustee, Call7 News Investigations

Colorado bankruptcy lawyer Kevin Heupel and Heupel Law, P.C. have been accused of engaging in a “clear and consistent pattern of conduct violating the Bankruptcy Code” by the United States Trustee, “a component of the Department of Justice that seeks to promote the efficiency and protect the integrity of the Federal bankruptcy system.” In the complaint filedContinue Reading

What Does the Trustee ask at the 341 Meeting?

Regardless of whether you file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you will be required to attend a “Meeting of Creditors” or a 341 hearing as attorneys call it. It is scheduled about 30 days after your case is filed. You, your attorney, and the trustee attend this meeting. It can seem quiteContinue ReadingContinue Reading